Bartosz Narzelski

Trainer and service designer - helps teams to implement the culture of research and design work (service design thinking). Lecturer at the School of Ideas at SWPS, facilitator, supporter of the product discovery method - researching the needs of recipients and quickly verifying assumptions by prototyping business ideas (online / offline). For the last 2.5 years as CX Manager, he has been developing products and services, testing new business models in the startuphub of a pharmaceutical company. Previously, he was cooperating in many multidisciplinary teams, he has experience working with advertising agencies (VML, Brand New Heaven, OX Media and Kaliciń, strategic boutiques, research and design houses (Stibitz, s360, This!, JAZ +, 4PResearch), software houses (, SoftwareMill), or with foundations (Batory Foundation (pol. Fundacja Batorego), Sector 3.0,, MFI) and for the public sector (PARP, Finance Ministry, PKW / KBW). A political scientist by education, a graduate of the Service Design postgraduate studies at the School of Form / SWPS and Psychology of Advertising at the University of Warsaw. Privately, a fan of LEGO, alternative education and inspiring reading.

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