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Simplelogic is a new brand with a dynamic team of experienced experts, which are open to new projects.

15 years of experience in IT projects gives us knowledge how to competently and comprehensively support your company in areas related to technology.

We gather highly specialized specialists with experience in the following areas: e-commerce, telecommunications & media, banking and insurance.


Cooperate with us for the best projects in the IT industry

Are you looking for a challenge? We work for the best clients. In the most interesting projects of the IT industry. We are looking for people and competences, not positions.


Your success is our reputation


We distribute "fishing rods" in various competences

We offer a set of training courses which build competences in two key areas: better agile organization (team-agile) and creative problem-solving (team-design).

Agile: SAFe Scrum Master

The role of the Scrum Master in an agile SAFe® organization with SAFe® Scrum Master certification In this...
Trainer: Łukasz Czopek 

Agile: SAFe for Teams

Gain the skills necessary for high-performance team members in the Agile Release Train (ART) – learn how to...
Trainer: Łukasz Czopek 

Management 3.0 (Team-design)

See what you can do to make Your team members more involved, having a sense of meaning and...
Trainer: Bartosz Narzelski 

Team-design: DESIGN SPRINT

Find out how Google verifies the craziest business ideas / hypotheses in 5 days using a prototype tested...
Trainer: Bartosz Narzelski 

Agile: Leading SAFe

During the two-day course, participants will gain the knowledge necessary to lead a Lean-Agile industry using the Scaled...
Trainer: Łukasz Czopek 


Learn how to better start each new project with your team. Many projects only start to fail at...
Trainer: Bartosz Narzelski