Management 3.0 (Team-design)

See what you can do to make Your team members more involved, having a sense of meaning and purpose. Develop a better model of your team’s work.

Management 3.0 is an agile approach to management and leadership in an organization. It is knowledge covering issues such as: motivation, implementing changes in the organization, leadership, communication.

Management 3.0 was created by Jurgen Appelo – in 2010, he published a book with the same title. Since then, Management 3.0 has become a global movement associated with a new management approach.

Management 3.0 by Jurgen Apello

The workshops within the Management 3.0 method are focused on showing the modern techniques of team management. Workshops will help You build an organization based on agile principles – based on Agile methodologies. They will redefine leadership and management as responsibility and help define how to work together, achieve common goals and improve operational efficiency.

It is an ideal training for the people who are open to improve their leadership style, who feel the need for innovation and changes.


2 days (2 x 8h in the offline variant or 4 x 4h in the remote workshop variant)

For who

The training is intended for the leaders / managers and people involved in leadership and management, who want to create the development of the organization in the spirit of Agile and are so-called agents of change.

For those organizations that are looking for new and better ways to manage or agile approach of their teams.

  • for agile coaches, scrum masters,
  • leaders / managers of departments and teams,
  • the management team of the organization,
  • representatives of IT, sales and marketing departments



Thematic scope of the training:

  • Management and leadership
  • Setting the goals and team management
  • Practices and challenges in implementing the agile approach


Motivation and engagement

  • Types of motivation, tools and techniques to strengthen motivation
  • Building motivators


Complex systems theory

  • Differences between complexity and complication
  • Complexity and complication criteria

Delegation and implementation

  • Self-organization
  • Building the trust
  • Levels of delegation
  • Building responsibility
  • Creation of values
  • Values ​​and culture


Learning and competence building

  • Seven ways to build competence
  • Metrics of the development
  • Levels of competence

Scaling the organizational structure

  • Stimulating the growth of the organization
  • Directions of the organization’s development
  • Agile scalability
  • Structure balancing patterns
  • Success and failure
  • Use failure for development
  • The four dimensions of change management
  • Retrospective tools

Training objectives

After the training, participants will know:

  • what are the latest trends in building an effective organizational culture
  • how to introduce smart solutions to their teams



Organizational matters

  • The training is conducted in polish language. English version is also available.
  • The training is led by an experienced Management 3.0 trainer and practitioner of implementing organizational culture in agile teams.
  • In line with the Management 3.0 brand policy, participation in the Management 3.0 training conducted online does not entitle the participants to receive Management 3.0 Foundation certificates (and as well to apply for the status of Management 3.0 facilitator). Therefore, a temporary solution for online workshop participants who want to apply for the status of a facilitator will be the opportunity to take part in open and stationary training without additional costs up to 6 months from the end of the prohibition on gatherings.