Learn how to better start each new project with your team.

Many projects only start to fail at the stage of execution / implementation. Our many years of experience show that it is most often caused by communication problems that result from different styles of thinking and acting.

Team alignment is a workshop, which will help Your team to work out a common answer not only to the question WHAT WE WANT TO DO in our project, but also HOW WE WANT TO ACHIEVE IT?


During the creative and strategic exercises, Your team will achieve alignment in terms of: understanding the goal of the project, better understanding the values ​​and competences of each team member, clarifying mutual expectations and creating a common risks’ map.

During the preparation for the workshops, each participant will perform one of two tests: the FRIS method (tools for describing the diversity of ways of thinking and acting) or the Strengthsfinder method of Gallup (identifying key talents). This self-diagnosis will help to create stronger sparring-partnerships within the team and affect the final effectiveness during the work on the project.


2 days (2 x 6h or online 3 days x 4h) + time to complete and analyze results of FRIS of the participants’

For who

  • for teams that are looking for new ways to open a new project. For the teams that are just newly forming, as well as for those who have experience of working together
  • for leaders / managers of departments and teams,
  • the management of the organization

Thematic scope of the training

  • Styles of thinking and action styles (FRIS) or our talents (Gallup) – what helps us to be the best at our work
  • Team competences – what we already have, what competences we lack
  • Strength of partnerships – what can we do to make working together better
  • Design compass – what we want to achieve, what are the exact design goals
  • Project roadmap – how we want to achieve it





Training objectives

After completing the training, participants will have a better understanding the goals of the project and how to execute it.

After the workshop, the team has a better diagnosis of potential threats and solutions already worked out to prevent them, which increases the group’s determination to complete the project successfully.

Organizational aspects

Training materials: participants don’t need any materials: printed materials, workshop aids are provided by the trainers

Place: if the team’s place is not sufficient, we plan to organize Design Sprint in the rented space. If the training will be not possible to be conducted offline – the entire team will work remotely.

Brief: 1 meeting (max 3h) with the team leaders will be necessary, introducing the trainer to the business / problem context