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RevDeBug reduces the costs of developing and maintaining IT systems

Nowadays, the reliability of IT solutions and their high availability have become specifically important.

RevDeBug is a platform, which increases the availability of IT systems and accelerates the delivery of new solutions to the market. We achieve this by significantly shortening the process of locating and fixing software bugs in test and production environments, which are launched in the enterprise or cloud infrastructure.

Our patented solution (US patent no. 10,621,068) works similar to a “black box” in the airplane, recording the execution of the program code before an error occurs. Playing such a recording enables a full analysis of the situation causing the breakdown.

Today the bug fixing process looks in the way that we guess the potential cause of the problem, try to recreate the emergency situation, and repeat the whole process until we confirm the thesis. It takes from 50% to even 75% of programmers’ working time. RevDeBug changes this inefficient process into two simple steps – recording and playback, which reduces it in half and directly leads to significant savings.


Our solution is used by over 6,000 programmers around the world. RevDeBug’s clients are among others: Rossmann, T Komp, Redgate, BSB, DXC Technology.

We help CTO, CIO and IT directors in:

  • Increasing the availability and reliability of IT systems;
  • Immediate identification of the causes of failures and finding the “weakest link” for cooperating systems;
  • Increasing the productivity of programming teams, shortening the time of testing solutions thanks to easier communication and support for remote work;
  • Speeding the time of implementing new IT solutions to the market;
  • Mitigating the risks (exceeding budgets, exceeding deadlines, contractual penalties, regulatory risks).

Together with RevDeBug You can

Control the condition of the application
Control assessment of profile performance
Troubleshooting the causes of errors